Priests and Deacons Prayer Card.

11-Aug  Rev Fr Jacob Lewis and Dcn Clifford Duckett
12-Aug  Rev Fr Gwilym Lloyd and Dcn Rev Patrick Duffy
13-Aug  Rev Fr David Lloyd and Dcn Charles Duncombe
14-Aug  Rev Fr Daniel Lloyd and Dcn Stephen Dunton
15-Aug  Rev Fr Alessandro Locatelli SCJ and Dcn Dominic Fahey
16-Aug  Rev Fr Philip Long and Dcn David Fairbotham
17-Aug  Rev Fr Bogdan ?uku? CRL and Dcn Jack Foxall
18-Aug  Rev Fr John Lungley and Dcn Stephen Gee
19-Aug  Rev Fr James Lutwama and Dcn Ajit Gomez


20-Aug  Rev Fr Kenneth Macnab and Dcn John Green
21-Aug  Rev Fr Adrian MacNamara and Dcn Peter Griffiths
22-Aug  Rev Fr Peter Madden and Dcn Anthony Hartshorn
23-Aug  Rev Fr Anton Madej and Dcn Melvyn Harwood
24-Aug  Rev Fr Gabriel Maguire and Dcn Paul Hender
25-Aug  Rev Fr Gary Mantle and Dcn Peter Hesketh
26-Aug  Rev Fr Christopher Marshall and Dcn Anthony Hewitt

27-Aug  Rev Fr Paul Martin and John Higgins
28-Aug  Rev Fr Andrew Martinez and Dcn Stuart Hill
29-Aug  Rev Biakai Ngamsha Maxcel and Dcn Mike Horsnall.
30-Aug  Rev Fr Andrew McCannand Dcn Robert Hughes
31-Aug  Rt Rev Leo McCartie and Dcn Terry Hum
01-Sep  Rev Fr Denis McGillycuddy and Dcn Daniel Hurd
02-Sep  Rev Fr Brian McGinley and Dcn Tony Janew

03-Sep  Rev Fr James McGloin and Dcn Patrick Jeary
04-Sep  Rt Rev Mgr Canon Daniel McHugh and Dcn Michael Lennon
05-Sep  Rev Fr Joseph McLoughlin and Dcn Peter Kilgallon
06-Sep  Rev Fr Keith McMillan and Dcn Andrew Lomas
07-Sep  Rev Fr Paul McNally and Dcn Sean Loone