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A news feed with the latest from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, its departments, agencies and affiliates.
  • The integration of migrants and refugees is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon for which no single model applies, but different experiences related to the needs and possibilities of the receiving territory. The Catholic Church, as participants witnessed, is engaged in all countries with various activities and programs.

  • The eighth Annual Report outlining the work of the National Catholic Safeguarding Commission (NCSC) and the Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) has been released.

  • Imagine the horror of armed and masked men bursting into your home, grabbing one of your family, cuffing their hands, putting a hood over their head, bundling them into a van and driving off into the night. Imagine the trepidation and confusion as over the coming weeks and months you hear nothing. You know that your government is probably involved but the authorities deny all knowledge. All of your questions remain unanswered: Why was your loved one taken? Where are they being held? Are they being tortured? Are they even still alive?